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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When dealing with polyphasic sleep, it is good practice to be skeptical about what you read, including everything you find on this website. Polyphasic sleep is not an exact science, because the number of scientific studies done on this subject is very limited. Consequently, while this content has been compiled with the intention that it might be helpful and useful to people, a lot of the information contained within has been collated without regard to perfect scientific accuracy (although, in many cases, published research papers have been studied to give additional background). Portions of the content on this website are a result of direct or personal observation and some information has been extrapolated based on data already available. It should also be said that I'm not perfect, and it's possible I made mistakes or I've misjudged the information. Nevertheless, hopefully you find at least some of the content within to be useful. If you feel the information given here is inaccurate, or that I am giving out bad advice, you are encouraged to discuss this with me over in the Discord chat room.


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Polyphasic Sleeping Experimentation Guide (PPSE)

Compiled by Tinytimrob

PPSE is a polyphasic sleeping experimentation guide which has been compiled for the Polyphasic Sleeping Discord and Subreddit. It serves as a place to write notes on the subject of polyphasic sleeping, and also just sleep in general. My intention is to provide a clear and easy-to-understand overview of polyphasic sleeping which is accessible to both newcomers and to people with existing experience. I try to update it regularly with new content and/or to improve clarity. Some content has also been added from other contributors, who I am very grateful for.

Please note that polyphasic sleeping is still highly experimental and the community does not know everything. I have written this guide mostly because of the large volume of misinformation being constantly regurgitated - we get a lot of people in the Discord or Subreddit who come along with the same old misinformation and it's quite frustrating ;) Hopefully this will help remedy that situation a little.

It is strongly recommended to read through this guide prior to beginning a polyphasic sleep schedule. I'm well aware it's quite long and you might think this is too much information. But being successful with a polyphasic sleeping schedule is very difficult and if you're going to go through the pain of the adaptation you might as well be prepared and understand what you're trying to do. Despite being quite long, by reading this guide through properly, you should gain a good understanding of all of the main polyphasic sleeping concepts, which will likely significantly improve your chances, both at picking a sensible schedule and also at successfully adapting to it.

The following topics are currently covered by this guide:

The following topics are currently under construction and will be completed soon:

The information here is provided freely for everyone to read and make use of. I have chosen to license it under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 because I believe polyphasic sleeping knowledge should be freely accessible to everyone and that charging extortionate amounts for this knowledge behind a paywall does not serve to help the polyphasic community in the longer term. If you choose to copy or quote from this website I would kindly request that you comply with my wishes and keep this information freely accessible to all.

A link to the list of contributors to this guide (and to the community in general as of late) can be found in the footer.

Please note: Much of the content on this website is written with the intention that it is read in the same order as the navigation. It is therefore recommended that you read this content in a left-to-right order, one section at a time, in order to get the best understanding possible.